PCC elections? Thanks, but we'd prefer an In/Out referendum

The public want a say on the EU. They want to Get Britain Out

by Tim Aker on 15 November 2012 15:22

Today the British public will go to the polls to vote for Police and Crime Commissioners. Well, a few might. Polls put the expected turnout to range from a low of 14 percent to 28 percent, the latter standard for some local elections.

Our polling during the conference season shows that there is public demand for a vote, but not on this issue.

A poll we commissioned with ComRes found that by two-to-one the British public would prefer a vote on our relationship with the European Union as opposed to one on whether we should have someone democratically elected to manage police budgets that are being cut by central government.

Said with tongue slightly in cheek, the rather limited (or confusing) role of the PCCs has numbed the appetite to vote in the PCC elections.

Yet ask anyone on their views on the EU and the eyes brighten, the blood flows, and the passion pronounces itself in a desire to Get Britain Out. Polls now regularly show half the Great British Public wish to leave the EU. The EU Budget farce hasn’t done anything to help EU-enthusiasts either.

There is a contradiction in democratising police budget management yet denying the British people a say on who makes our laws.

Even before we entered the EEC, Foreign Office documents revealed that where domestic and EU law clashed, the EU has to take primacy.

We have had votes on whether we have elected Mayors, devolution, regional assemblies, on AV and we can have local votes on council tax. But not the EU. To deny us a vote on that but to give us the vote on police commissioning is putting the cart before the horse.

The public want a say on the EU. They want to Get Britain Out.

Tim Aker is the Campaign Manager of Get Britain Out. Follow them on twitter @GetBritainOut and on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/GetBritainOut

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