British activist fighting Hamas's propaganda war?

British "documentary maker" Harry Fear receives a little gift from Hamas...

by The Humph on 15 November 2012 17:27

Harry Fear: You may not know the name, but he's furiously peddling his one-man PR machine to make sure you soon will.

So what the hell? I'll give him an inadvertent leg up.

Harry Fear is a British citizen who describes himself as a "documentary maker and activist", which is a posh way of calling yourself a propagandist. 

He reached semi-infamy by rabble-rousing against his occasional (more on that later) local Member of Parliament, John Howell (MP for Henley). Mr. Howell received death threats and was left fearing for his family's safety after bravely putting forward the case for Israel's right to defend herself in response to a question from Mr. Fear (the name - how apt) who used his own website to publicise the exchange.

Now, John Howell is Mr. Fear's "occasional" local MP not because Mr. Howell plays truant from parliament but because "local" for Mr. Fear often means Gaza. Including right now.

In fact, Gaza is something of a home-from-home for our rabble-rousing propagandist. Using his YouTube channel to churn out his views to the masses, Mr. Fear can often be found interviewing Palestinian "resistance fighters" (his words, not mine). Take this one for example in which he gets to know the parents of an assassinated al-Quds brigade terrorist. Or this wonderfully-named video, "Martyred in Gaza", where Mr. Fear claims, "In Gaza at night, you don't know when or where Israel will next strike". 


You might find it difficult to view Mr. Fear as anything other than a low-budget Ross Kemp. But if you look a little closer, it becomes all the more apparent that this man is simply an ideologically-suspect propagandist. Actually, not all that much closer as it turns out: 

Authorities just upped my internet connection speed complementarily because of my efforts during the war

It seems spy-talk is not what it used to be. You may as well have written "Hamas just upped my internet connection speed complementarily because of my efforts in their propaganda war", Harry.

Tut, tut.

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