Islamic Jihad proves Israel right in targeting media facility

Islamic Jihad has just confirmed that one of its members of its armed Al Quds brigade was killed by an Israeli airstrike previously widely condemned

by The Commentator on 19 November 2012 15:24


An Islamic Jihad local commander was killed today in an Israeli air strike on a tower that is used by many international media outlets, a source in the terrorist group has said.

It was initially reported that the dead man was the owner of a computer store on the third storey of the city centre building, however it has come to light that Israel's targeting of the building is in fact legitimate.

The news comes as many international media organisations claimed that Israel should avoid targeting buildings which house journalists, however Israel has assured the international media that it has indeed targeting terrorist facilities placed within or on top of the building, and that the building was used by terrorist outfits to house command and communication posts.

It's the second strike on the building in two days. The Hamas TV station, Al Aqsa, is located on the top floor.

Islamic Jihad sent a text message to reporters today stating that Ramez Harb, who was responsible for propaganda in Islamic Jihad's Gaza City Brigade and served as an aide to Tissir Jabari, was killed by the Israeli strike.

On Sunday, Reporters Without Borders insisted that Israel should bring an end to the attacks on the building, while Israel insisted that media organisations should instead move out. The Reporters Without Border statement reads:

"Reporters Without Borders condemns Israeli air strikes targeting news organizations in Gaza City today and calls for an immediate end to such attacks....  Attacks on civilian targets are war crimes and serious violations of the Geneva Conventions. Those responsible must be identified."

Reporters Without Borders was unavailable for comment.

Britain's Sky News and Saudi-owned Al Arabiya Channel operate out of the same building, however Reuters reports that most journalists left their offices immediately after an initial strike on Sunday.

UPDATE: The Israeli Defence Forces have released the names of three other terrorists known to be situated in the building: 

1. Baha Abu al-Ata, commndr. of PIJ #Gaza City Brigade, involved in planning attacks against #Israel, arms manufacturing, long-range rockets

2. Tissir Mahmoud Mahmed Jabari, senior PIJ operative, responsible for training within org & approving terrorist attacks against #Israel

3. Halil Batini, PIJ senior operative, a key figure in org's long-range rocket launching operations, responsible for internal security

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