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Loony Left: Kim Kardashian pressured into deleting tweet about Israel

Kim Kardashian has broken the number one rule of being a 'celebrity' - don't show sympathy towards Israel

by The Humph on 19 November 2012 18:52

Kim Kardashian is usually jostling with Kelly Brook and Imogen Thomas in my 'people who annoyingly and inexplicably dominate the right-hand side of the Daily Mail website' list. (What? I like lists...)

For those of you who are not aware of why Kim Kardashian is famous, don't worry -- none of us are. But she can usually be found with her head buried in '10 steps to becoming famous', somewhere between the chapter on releasing a sex tape (which she has already done) and the one on actually doing something worthwhile (which I'm sure she is planning).

That said, I do feel a little sorry for her today, for it seems she skim-read the chapter on celebrity activism before taking to Twitter, missing the one golden rule: make sure it's a left-wing cause. 

In fact, not only did she slip up on the political spectrum, she went a step further, backing the one cause any celebrity knows never to back; worse than a tough stance on immigration, worse still than backing Big Oil, Kim showed support for that six letter word that can ruin a celebrity's career quicker than clubbing a baby seal: Israel.

In all seriousness, the curvaceous nouveau-celeb did no such thing. In reality, she simply offered her prayers to the people of Israel, hardly making her a fanatical Zionist, and actually making her, you know, a human being.

H/T The Blaze

But it was too late for Kim. The Twitteranhas ripped her to shreds, ranging from inquisitive, probing bites, through to great big 'why don't you just kill yourself'-sized chomps -- even after she publicly decleared her prayers were with the Palestinians too.

I'm sure you'll join me in praying for everyone in Kardashianland.

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