Hysterical PressTV and the 'Israel lobby'

Iran's state funded PressTV reckons BICOM rule the roost

by Media Hawk on 20 November 2012 17:10

This one nearly made me wet myself. Instead of my usual 'lol' or 'lmao', I opted for a resounding, 'LMFAO' when I read this 'article' on PressTV (Editor: Ok, that's enough of the inverted 'commas')

But really, this article written today, presumably by some tin foil hat wearing intern has stated that the Britain Israel Communication and Research Centre, otherwise known as BICOM, control the news desks at the top media outlets in the UK.

Not only is that patently untrue, and BICOM has been embarrassed about trying to show influence on previous occasions, but it is precisely this kind of warped mentality that the Ahmadinejad regime seeks to promote to distort the Iranian public's minds about the West. Why don't they just tweet, "IT'S DA JEWZZ!!!"

The article states: 

"BICOM runs the News desk for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Sky News, the Financial Times (FT), and newspapers such as the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Mirror and various news organizations, which are official Israeli propaganda outlet inside the UK."

Oh well, at least there's one British media organisation taking Iranian money, instead of that of the Israelis. Eh, Lord Ashcroft?

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