Top 10 tips for budding celebrity activists

Navigating a liberal, 'progressive' world is not as straight forward as you might think for the political lightweights of the celebrity world. Here's 10 tips for budding celebrity activists...

by Dane Vallejo on 20 November 2012 17:23


Celebrities like to be snapped with a book in hand. It makes them look smart. It makes them look Zen. It makes up for some of the artistic-void left by that terrible romcom they shot last summer.

So if you’re going to earn kudos as a celeb, get reading. Or at least get pictured looking as though you’ve been reading (you can find a synopsis online in case you’re asked any questions). Just don’t make it anything by Ayn Rand or you may as well be snapped wandering around LA clutching Mein Kampf for all the grief you'll get.

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