Top 10 tips for budding celebrity activists

Navigating a liberal, 'progressive' world is not as straight forward as you might think for the political lightweights of the celebrity world. Here's 10 tips for budding celebrity activists...

by Dane Vallejo on 20 November 2012 17:23


Let’s face it; nobody wants to give away around half their earnings – and how can you of all people be expected to do so when that figure runs into the millions? Honestly.

Fortunately, money follows money. And with your bank balance you can afford the best of the best in the accountancy world. Tax avoidance isn’t illegal; the field is riddled with loopholes. Get yourself on a K2 scheme, or whatever the flavour of the month happens to be, and put your mind at ease.

If you get 'outed', claim ignorance, agree with whatever it is the Guardian is saying about you, and take up an active role in campaigning for progressive taxation. If your other liberal credentials are up to scratch, it ought to blow over.

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