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Paul Danahar: The gift that keeps on spinning

The BBC's Gaza correspondent has set the Twittersphere ablaze over the past week. But not for the right reasons

by Media Hawk on 21 November 2012 09:47

See if you can't work out what's wrong with this tweet. (Editor: We seem to be blogging a lot about tweets lately. Be wary of the looking glass!)

Paul Danahar, who has been written about more than he himself has written as of late, again is at the forefront of spinning for terrorist groups in Gaza. Note: 

No mention of the fact that terrorists are using media facilities or civilian buildings and command centres or outposts. Nope. Just a quick dig at the Israelis for targeting 'media buildings'. 

Well Paul, here's a bit of advice. Go to the elevator. Press '2'. Shout, "Who's a 'militant'?" and watch how many people raise their hands.

Of course, you could just ignore the facts. You seem to be pretty good at that already.

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