Bus bombing in Tel Aviv is a ground invasion by terrorists

Much has been made of a potential Israeli ground invasion into Gaza, but the Tel Aviv bus bomb is a game changer

by on 21 November 2012 11:24

It will take all the restraint in the world for Israel to simply absorb this morning's terrorist attack on a bus in Tel Aviv.

The bus exploded near to the Ichilov hospital where I spent many nights after a surgery earlier this year. It's a heavily populated area with lots of pedestrian and automotive traffic. The calculation to blow up a bus in this part of Tel Aviv was, let's face it, an attempt to kill and maim as many innocent civilians as possible.

It's a game changer alright, but will Israel take the bait?

Yesterday, Hamas and its sister organisation which leads the government in Egypt made much ado about a truce. But clearly this attack has been planned - and we should view any attempts for 'peace' from the side of Hamas as quite bogus.

Instead of focusing on a potential Israeli ground invasion, perhaps the international community should have taken Hamas's recent threats seriously when it stated its intent to bring terror to Israeli cities.

Let's be clear - terrorists have launched its ground invasion. This significantly increases the likelihood of an Israel incursion into Gaza - and at this stage, it is warranted.

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