Student rugby team punished after Jimmy Savile themed bar crawl

College authorities blanket ban on club matches, fines and community service is a punishment too far

by Sue Denim on 22 November 2012 13:19

Members of the St Cuthbert’s Society Men’s Rugby Club at Durham University have been disciplined following a Jimmy Savile themed bar crawl during last month’s social night.

The heavy-handed response by college authorities to ban the club from playing matches in the university’s inter-college league for the rest of the term is surely an over-reaction, despite the distasteful fancy-dress theme of the now-disgraced celebrity.

Durham University’s online student newspaper said freshers were asked to dress as young school girls, second years as Jimmy Savile, and third and fourth year students as BBC reporters and policemen.

At least the students have been keeping up with the news - even if they choose to show it by being a bunch of prats. But then again - they're students!

On the night, things got a tad out of hand (as they usually do at uni bars, especially in fancy dress!) Members of the group reportedly attempted to steal a dartboard from St Mary’s college bar, strip naked in the Collingwood bar and set off a fire alarm at Grey’s college.  Ah, the good old days!

The Northern Echo news report says that “about 20 students who took part in the event have been fined £50 following a disciplinary investigation by the college authorities and the social secretary and club captain have been required to do 20 hours of community work”.

Rugby club members faced an immediate ban from at least two local university bars.

It is no secret that students and down this country can act up when they’ve had a few too many, but to penalise them with a blanket ban on rugby matches, fines and community service for merely dressing up and being a bit of a nuisance is asking to be ridiculed by the media and students alike.

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