Disgusting defence of Hamas from BBC World anchor

BBC News Anchor Mishal Husain lambasts Jerusalem Post correspondent in pro-Hamas rant

by Media Hawk on 22 November 2012 16:10

"You could argue couldn't you, that Hamas was also stopping worse happening all of this period, because although there was rockets being fired - they weren't the.. the big rockets that have caused damage in recent days, they were mostly home-made contraptions."


By Mishal Husain's logic, Hamas's terrorist activity in firing rockets into Israel, they were 'stopping worse happening'.

Watch this deplorable defence unfold as Husain interviews Gil Hoffmann, Chief Political Correspondent for the Jerusalem Post.

Husain argues, live on air, that the rockets being fired into Israel are irrelevant due to the fact that they have killed only '20 people since 2005'. Even though the real figure is likely more than double that, Husain ignores the fact that these terrorist attacks are not specifically just designed to kill, but also to maim, destroy property, and generally bring insecurity and terror to the lives of the people of Israel.

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Perhaps she gave the game away when Hoffman said the number of deaths was irrelevant and Husain responded, "That's your view but we're trying to bring this story to our audiences around the world".

I bet you are, Mishal.

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