Strange goings on in Sweden

Sex with skeletons and love bite cannibalism? Only in Sweden

by Yorker on 23 November 2012 06:29

Though we Britons must never forget that those who live in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones, there's no doubt about it: the Swedes are a little odd. I know this because I am a regular reader of the country's superb English language newspaper, The Local.

Two articles have captured my attention in recent days, and I think they need to be shared with anyone planning a visit. Be aware. This is not for the faint hearted.

The first is a story about a woman charged by police with having sex with a skeleton, or as the Swedish criminal code apparently has it "violating the peace of the dead". She's now something of a celebrity and has predictably been dubbed: "The Skeleton Woman".

While said Skeleton Woman is claiming she collected the bones -- and it seems she basically got the lot; it's practically a full skeleton -- due to an interest in history, prosecutors appear convinced she has in fact been using them as sex toys.

"In the confidential section of the investigation we have material which indicates she used them in sexual situations," the paper quoted the prosecutor as saying. 

I'm not sure how they're going to prove that but the photos in the section of the story marked WARNING: RELATED GALLERY CONTAINS IMAGES THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO VIEWERS are really, really weird.

I suppose the only thing the story lacks is a lesbian angle, but it wasn't clear whether the skeleton was male or female.

As if that wasn't enough, there's also the piece today about the mad professor who cut his wife's bottom lip off and then ate it. Yes indeed. It transpires that the 52 year old professor at a respected cancer research institute was overcome with a fit of jealousy. I'll say.

Convinced that his 32 year old wife was seeing another man he resolved to put an end to the funny business once and for all. As the paper put it: "...the academic straddled her while she was sleeping and cut off her lower lip with a scalpel. He then ate it."

At the time of the attack he allegedly said: "I'm going make sure you can never kiss again. I'll get four years in prison, you'll get a life sentence."

Actually he got five years in prison and he's now appealing.

Anyway, if you're planning that trip to Sweden just be careful. You have been warned...

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