Ukip: The Chinese finger trap of party politics

Bucking the Ukip trend will take more than ignorance or smearing - it will take engagement

by Phoenix on 24 November 2012 14:40

Ukip is trending worldwide on Twitter right now.

That means that enough (thousands) of people are mentioning them the world over - all thanks to a Labour council who decided that Ukip membership was worthy of an adoption ban.

The establishment reaction to Ukip since its inception has been one of denial and debasement. Once upon a time it was, "La la la, we can't hear you!" Which was followed by mudslinging and accusations of institutional racism as the British public began to vote for the party in droves.

Today it can successfully be argued that Ukip is more important than the Liberal Democrat party. A strong performance in the Corby by-election, an increased profile and an assured rout in the 2014 European elections will be cause for concern amongst the political establishment.

Instead of wriggling around attempting to ignore or smear members of the Eurosceptic party, they will have to engage, debate and address the reasons behind which Ukip are growing in popularity.

Like a Chinese finger trap, the more you wriggle away, the more stuck you get. If the two main parties want to win votes back, it's time to engage with Ukip. 

Philip McMullen says it in a toon:

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