Bring back Bush to sort out Libya

NATO ministers meet in Brussels to discuss Libya, but there's nothing to discuss. Get Gaddafi, get out, and then get Iran.

These guys know what to do..
The Commentator
On 8 June 2011 09:36

Ok. Let’s cut to the chase. We support NATO, we want to see the end of Gaddafi, and any time our service men and women are in action, we’re right behind them. But how long can we be expected to put up with this ill-conceived and diversionary operation?

NATO defence ministers are meeting (for the umpteenth time) in Brussels on Wednesday to “review the results of the air campaign”.  What’s to review? Gaddafi’s still alive. He controls his parts of Libya. The rebels (whoever in hell’s name they might be) control theirs. Stalemate. Got it?

This is what happens when we pursue a war exactly the way the Guardian wants us to: impeccably multilateral, perfectly in accordance with “international law” and precisely in line with all the usual multi-culti, post-imperial injunctions against placing Western boots on Arab lands.

Enough already. Bring back Bush (even we only mean that figuratively) send in a hit squad, take out Gaddafi and then let the Libyan people get on with the business of building whatever “Arab Spring” utopia our leaders and mainstream media assume is going to follow from all this.

We need to sober up here, and do so quickly. The Libya campaign is becoming a dangerous diversion from the greatest strategic and civilisational challenge of our time. As Emanuele Ottolenghi, Senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, wrote in a highly acclaimed piece for The Commentator yesterday, Iran is now racing at breakneck speed towards the acquisition of nuclear weapons and the Libya campaign is giving it perfect cover.

If you pull back for a moment, it beggars belief. Imagine what a historian would write 20 years from now: Iran, the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism, a state that had threatened to annihilate Israel and bring down the West, a country run by madmen, a country known to have been developing nuclear weapons, and what did the West do? It went out and bombed Libya, a strategically irrelevant piece of desert in North Africa.

You couldn’t make it up. And sadly, you don’t have to. Because that’s the state of a Western world led by Barack Obama and buttressed by a European Union that long ago surrendered any claim to credibility in the management of global affairs.

The blind leading the blind, and, as Iran goes nuclear, doing so as we walk at the edge of the abyss.

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