Shameless Bilge at The Guardian

The Guardian's Associate Editor, Seumus Milne, gives us a clear insight into the mindset of his bias and his newspaper

by Media Hawk on 27 November 2012 14:59

Seumus Milne, Israel-hater-in-chief at The Guardian has been filmed delivering a speech full of falsehoods and incitement to violence.

At the Stop the War Coalition event on November 20th, Milne can be heard stating that the Palestinians have a 'right to resist' occupation, refering to the recent Operation Pillar of Defense flare up between Israel and Hamas.

He states, "It's not... about who started it. But Israel escalated it", all the while implying that Hamas have a right to continue firing rockets into civilian centres in Israel - a tactic endorsement of terrorist tactcs.

Also, what Milne forgets is that Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, a scenario which only led to the brutal takeover by a terrorist outfit, Hamas, followed by almost non-stop rocket fire from Gaza into Israel civilian areas.

So if he can't be talking about Gaza being occupied (since it's not), in reference to the 'resistance' - what is Milne refering to?

Why he's talking about the whole of Israel of course.

Milne states that Western powers 'back the occupation to the hilt' - a statement that of course would not hold true if he was discussing settlements or the West Bank - the international community including America and Britain have repeatedly urged Israel the other way. So of course, what he means by Western powers supporting Israel's occupation - is its occupation of the whole of the territory that forms the State of Israel.

He states, "There will be no peace!" Effectively stating that a position of war should continue. 

Milne also seems to back Iran in the speech. Anyway, have a look for yourself. 

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