Iran funding asymmetrical war against Israel and the US

The current conflict in the Middle East is primarily driven by ideology. The homeland of Islamism – which is how Iran sees itself – has been promoting and funding terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah for years

by Wahied Wahdat-Hagh on 30 November 2012 10:28

Exporting the Islamic Revolution is a supreme goal in the state doctrine of the "Islamic Republic of Iran". In line with this, the Islamist regime of Iran has been promoting terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah for years.

Such contributions to terrorism make sense to the totalitarian rulers in Iran. After all, this brings them one step closer to making their anti-Semitic delusion of destroying Israel a reality. In 2012 alone, Hamas and militant splinter groups sympathizing with it fired over 800 missiles at Israel. It is no coincidence that power-holders in Iran are the greatest beneficiaries of the terrorist violence against Israel.

By exporting missiles, the Iranian regime has been bolstering the military capacity of Hamas and Hezbollah for years so they can wage a proxy war on behalf of the totalitarian dictatorship, which for its part can continue expanding its nuclear weapons program in the slipstream of a new war in the Middle East. The missile attacks against Israel by Hamas, but also by Hezbollah, have long constituted a type of guerilla war. After all, Hamas and Hezbollah are the first terror organizations in history to possess thousands of missiles, which come from Iran.

Iranian media hype terrorism. With its official propaganda machinery, Iranian leadership is spreading the ideology of a martyr's death and terrorist violence. One of many examples was a recent article written by Iranian "national security" expert Delawar Pureqdam Mostafa for the Iranian news agency Farsnews, controlled by Revolutionary Guards, on November 13th, 2012. The article, which interpreted the term "resistance" to reflect Iranian state doctrine, was republished in dozens of Iranian newspapers and other media outlets. And before long, such reports will also be circulating in Islamist media in the Arab world.

Religiously veiled terrorism. D.P. Mostafa propagates the culture of "martyrdom" that leads to a "new type of military defense" and is referred to as "asymmetrical defense doctrine" in Iranian military studies. It should be mentioned here that Islamists always legitimize their violent attacks in defensive terms in order to give terrorist violence a religious veil. According to Mostafa, asymmetrical warfare is necessary to "weaken the enemy and take advantage of its weak spots."

Asymmetrical war against Israel and the US. So important is the "asymmetrical war", the Iranian security expert writes, that even the US Ministry of Defense is addressing it. The fighting methods of the "Islamist Republic of Iran" and those of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Hamas were said to be based on the "asymmetrical defense doctrine". According to Mostafa, the "Islamist Republic of Iran" is using this strategy of "asymmetrical defense" against the US-American enemy, while Hamas and Hezbollah are applying the same strategy in their fight against Israel.

Right out of a terrorist manual. Mostafa believes that the asymmetrical war being waged by Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran is based on the "principles of guerilla and partisan war" and draws similar conclusions. There must be no symmetry with the enemy. The combatants need to have portable equipment and should be able to make independent decisions even at subordinate levels. 

Furthermore, according to Mostafa, "The martyr operations against American military personnel in Beirut are one example of how to wage an asymmetrical war." This strategy led to the Americans' forced exit from Lebanon, he claims, thereby conceding that Hezbollah was behind the bomb attacks on the multinational headquarters in Lebanon on October 23rd, 1983 that were carried out with backing from Iran. 241 US and 58 French troops died in the attacks.

Mostafa is triumphant because he believes that the Lebanese Hezbollah has managed to obtain "secret military information from Israel", which allegedly "drove Israeli strategists mad".

The missile technology being used by Hezbollah and Hamas comes from Iran. Mostafa is frank enough to write that the Lebanese Hezbollah successfully launched "Iranian missiles", for instance in the attack on July 12th, 2006. Israel's missile defense system was not designed for the short-range missiles that Iran has supplied to Hamas and Hezbollah – it was installed when Saddam Hussein carried out a missile attack against Israel in 1991. In July 2006, Hezbollah fired missiles using "mobile launching pads". According to Mostafa, Israel is having major problems intercepting these missiles.

Iranian navy against the US. Mostafa pictures a complex war. Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel, and Iran against the US. Mostafa exalts the military skills of the Iranian navy. Speedboats could transport explosives, provide equipment for submarines, attach magnetic mines. In addition, Iran has boats that can escape enemy radar detection and wage "electronic wars" – according to a report by Farsnews, that is.

In fact, Iranian navy tactics as described by Mostafa are of a most subversive nature. He writes, for instance, that the navy can camouflage its gunboats so effectively they cannot be identified as military boats. This makes it easier for them to attack big ships in the Persian Gulf. The US and its navy are the target. 

The current conflict in the Middle East is primarily driven by ideology. The homeland of Islamism – which is how Iran sees itself – has been promoting and funding terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah for years. Islamism poses the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Europe has labeled Hamas a terrorist organization. It is about time that the European Union also classified Hezbollah as a terror organization.

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