A post-Leveson future: 'This week's news'

Our weekly round-up of the top stories...in 2022

by Adrian Moss on 3 December 2012 10:56

Our weekly round-up of the top stories both home and abroad. 3rd December 2022...

The Guardian/Independent leads with the news that politicians of both sides have been regularly turning up to Parliament and have had some debates in which some MPs have spoken and some have not. The main debate of the week involved the improved terms and conditions for the newly expanded House of Commons but exact details were redacted by the Speaker. Next week’s business will be conducted from the new UK break-out Parliament building in Antibes. News also that the Hansard printers strike has now moved into its seventh year with no sign of an agreement.

The Sun meanwhile leads with an exclusive that it has been sent a press release by the PR company employed by a famous and glamorous singer in which it becomes clear that she will be releasing a Christmas single and it’s quite catchy. So that’s really nice.

The Telegraph has a formidable piece of investigative journalism which examines the role of the police in covering up the loss of vital evidence from a secure facility in Essex and concludes that they didn’t have one and that the evidence simply disappeared into thin air.

The Times picks up on the same story and looks at the rise in magic and the increase in supernatural events over the last decade.

The Express Mail and Star gives over a double page spread to the plight of Fraser Nelson, now into the eighth year of his prison sentence. Although positively blooming on a diet of porridge, Nelson continues to protest his right not to sign the Spectator up to the Media Licensing Board. Parole, alas, seems unlikely until he undergoes a period of self-criticism and renounces his running dog reactionary revisionism.

So much for the minority papers…

The mighty Miliband Evening Argus gives over its entire front page to the news that it continues to be the biggest circulation newspaper in Europe and Polly Toynbee, in its editorial, denies categorically that this is due to the fact it is solely funded by the Taxpayer and delivered free to every household in the country twice a day.

Its main story continues the thrilling coverage of the UK economic miracle and plans the build-up to the upcoming Balls Day Holiday next week, when lucky readers will have the chance to enter a lottery to win a double ration of bread for an entire day.

Today’s Daily Hate is scheduled for 11pm – topic of the day is ‘Liberty’.

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