The Labour Party is up to its neck in Balls

Ed Balls claimed the Brown plot to topple Blair was 'balderdash', but last night's leaks have plunged the Labour party into disarray.

What a cock up: Balls and Brown plotted to topple Blair
Christian May
On 10 June 2011 12:23

Well, well, well. Aren’t we all having fun in Westminster today? For some of us, the fun started last night. Dashing back from a curry to catch the late-night pleasures of This Week, attention soon turned to various tweets about the hilarious and damning documents that the Telegraph had acquired. Whilst Kevin Maguire chirped away in the background about I’m-not-entirely-sure-what, the Telegraph website had transformed itself into political porn.

“Complete and utter total balderdash and rubbish.” This was the lie Ed Balls told Andrew Neil during the Labour leadership election, when asked whether he ever plotted to bring down Tony Blair. For years, Labour accused members of the press of “indulging in rumour” when they wrote about the plots and schemes that characterised their time in government. Arrogant, polished Brownite dogs of war sneered that the accusations “aren’t even journalism.”

Well it’s hard to think of a better definition of journalism than The Telegraph’s sensational disclosure of these most sensitive schemes and political plans. Keep in mind that these are not the usual accusations found in pension-lining memoirs. These documents are the origins of such memoirs, complete with doodles, bad spelling and lashings of venom.

Ed Miliband is today sticking to the line that “the era of Brown and Blair is over, we’re looking forwards.” It’s just a shame that the rest of the country is looking at the Telegraph website and their delicious collection of documents.

Broadly speaking, the reaction from commentators so far as been that these documents are “hilarious” and “intriguing.” Are they much more than that? Will the country care? That will depend upon how the government (or more accurately, Conservative HQ) decide to play this wonderful gift. They could launch a full frontal attack on how unfit these ghastly men are for public office, or they could just let the media do the talking and look forward to next week’s PMQs, which Cameron and company must be looking forward to with relish.

The other point that is worthy of hammering home, is just how close the Eds were to the beating heart of Gordon Brown’s operation. Unelected, unwanted and unsuccessful, will the Eds really be able to claim that the era of Brown is over? It’s rather like Sepp Blatter claiming that his “election” has put to bed the questions over FIFA’s credibility.

Finally, let’s just take a look at the response from the Left this morning. It’s a combination of “head in the sand” dismissals and mock-sarcasm at the revelations that “Brown and Blair didn’t get on.” Twitter has again been a battle ground today, with the forces of the desperate Left on one side and the opposing army of journalists, activists, bloggers and political fans on the other, revelling in having been proved utterly right about the nastiness at the heart of the Labour operation. Andrew Neil leads the charge of all those journalists who were slapped down by Labour for daring to question the unity of their government.

To top off this rather glorious day, word is that there are more Balls revelations flying around. Perhaps someone is setting the forces of hell on him, for a change? Wherever the documents are coming from, one thing is certain; Miliband and Balls are up to their ridiculous faces in the blood of new Labour. Having decapitated the beast and roasted it on a fire, they now claim to have been vegetarian all along, and are looking forward to a tofu future.

We on the right should never tire of pointing out just how mendacious and sinister this lot really are.

Christian May is a political consultant with Media Intelligence Partners Ltd, where he specialises in foreign affairs. He writes in a personal capacity.

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