Starbucks wins 'political cowardice' award

This weekend, the Young Britons' Foundation awarded the 'White Feather' award to Starbucks after the company caved to left-wing pressure

by The Commentator on 10 December 2012 10:00


Leading conservative activists have, this past weekend, criticised Starbucks for its agreeing to pay £20m to HM Treasury as a voluntary measure.

As left-wing, big government campaigners took to occupying Starbucks this weekend, critics often unheard on the opposite side of the argument awarded Starbucks the 'White Feather' award for political cowardice.

The Young Britons' Foundation (YBF) conference, which was held this year at Churchill College, Cambridge, saw over 100 young, right-wing and libertarian activists come together to hear speeches from leading Members of Parliament, journalists and think-tankers from across the spectrum of the right.

Attendees described the event to The Commentator as, "one of the most important things a young conservative can do" and "a sign that Tories and libertarians can find common ground, despite what some critics have claimed". 

Collecting the award ironically on behalf of Starbucks due to his article on the subject last week, The Commentator's Executive Editor Raheem Kassam said, "It is important that we remember taxation is coercive removal of the fruits of private labour - for Starbucks to agree to voluntarily pay taxes on a zero profit enterprise puts us into extremely dangerous territory and sets a precedent for the state to levy fees on businesses with no legitimacy. It should be rejected at every turn".

YBF describes the 'White Feather Award' as "...recognising political cowardice. One of the many reasons for voters’ disenchantment with the political process is because too many political figures fail to exhibit anything that can be recognised as leadership or bravery."

It is the first year the award has been given and the YBF website lists in 2012: "Starbucks, for failing to stand up to bullying by self-styled tax justice campaigners and in capitulating to the mob over the company’s use of legitimate tax planning arrangements, thereby making it harder for law-abiding taxpayers to face down HM Revenue & Customs"

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