VIDEO: IDF restraint after assault by Palestinian youths

A new video shows the restraint by IDF soldiers after undergoing a violent assault

by Media Hawk on 10 December 2012 14:07

A new video that has emerged on YouTube this weekend will serve as a stark reminder of the daily life of an Israeli Defence Forces security officer in or on the border of the Palestinian territories.

While many 'pro-Palestinians' often carp on about the 'brutality' and 'inhumane' actions of the IDF, this new video shows that soldiers are not quick to fire their weapons, but instead often choose to retreat when under assault from youths and terrorist sympathisers.

No doubt those who posture as 'pro-Palestinian' will argue that violence against random, often Arab, IDF soliders on the borders is a 'legitimate' form of 'resistance' against 'occupation' - there can be no denying that what this narrative creates is a cowardice writ large on behalf of the Palestinian leadership. Instead of peace negotiations - they commit violence.

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