Smokers hit back

Smokers are being enticed to fight back against Australian plain packaging legislation by buying stickers for their cigarette packets

by The Commentator on 14 December 2012 15:24


Australian smokers can look forward to some respite from the ugly warning labels they are forced to look at when making the responsible, adult choice to smoke.

Cigarette packets have had to carry grotesque imagery and warning signs in a futile attempt to discourage smokers. But the Australian firm BoxWrap has today announced that it will be selling stickers and covers designed specifically to nullify the effects of those warning labels, rendering thousands of government hours, lobbyists time and regulations utterly pointless.

Marketed under the slogan "It's your box, it's your choice"- the stickers seek to challenge the plain packaging laws which came into affect in Australia on December 1 after big tobacco companies lost a High court challenge.

“People feel they have had their choice ripped off them. We are just a sticker company that is no different from a cigarette case,” says the company’s managing director Anthony Do Rozario.

"There are 30 different designs in four sizes which will suit male or females, young, old and middle-aged smokers -- everything from fishing bums to Aussie flags," said Mr Do Rozario, a 32-year-old who has worked in hospitality, nightclubs and event management.

And of course, it wouldn't be capitalism without a swift government rebuke. 

A spokeswoman for Australian Health and Ageing Minister Tanya Plibersek said the Federal Government was launching an urgent investigation into the product.

"The Department of Health and Ageing will be immediately investigating this product to evaluate its status," said the spokeswoman.

The Australian Medical Association has urged the federal government to ban stickers being sold to wrap around cigarette packets to sidestep tobacco plain packaging laws. 

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