Bitter and soulless: Have a very Leftist Christmas

The New Statesman and Rachel Cooke: epitomising the Lefty-feminist stereotype since... well... forever

by on 14 December 2012 16:39

Imagine my surprise to be browsing the jumped up pages of the New Statesman website, chortling to myself about how Mehdi Hasan still thinks 'the neocons' are out to get him, when what should I stumble upon but an embittered blogpost presumably ranting about feminism.

Or so the New Statesman (NS) would have you think when it sub-titled Rachel Cooke's article, "Why are so many adverts dishing up stale Seventies sexism this festive season?"

But in true fashion, the NS and Cooke herself are playing their part in the big Leftist humbug over Winterval Christmas by focusing on the integral topic of... television adverts. 

It's not a rant that any great feminist would be proud of. Indeed it's only until you get about 70 percent through the article that Cooke even begins to mention why her gender feels 'martyred' (yes, that's right - martyred) by Christmas.

For the majority of her article, she vomits in prose about how much she hates the Daily Mail, Christmas and adverts in general. If anyone wants to make both Rachel and the readers of the New Statesman's lives more enjoyable, I suggest someone buy her a Sky+ box for Winterval Christmas, athough that would mean feeding money into Murdoch's evil empire. (I'd suggest going with Lord Sugar's latest 'invention' but I'm pretty sure it's already been discontinued).

And then she takes aim at... er... charity. She evidently finds it quite morally reprehensible that Waitrose opted to cheap out on its Christmas advert this year and tried to save a bit of cash to give to charity instead. How dare they? Surely a nice fat cheque to HM Treasury would have served much better?

Finally, Cooke turns to Asda and Morrisons, who have apparently committed the most heinous crime in featuring a woman front and centre in their adverts.

"Their ads both feature a woman, pale with fatigue, battling to complete her Christmas tasks on time and with zero help from any known male... Show me a woman who says she likes scoring mountains of sprouts with a cross and I’ll show you a man who grew deaf to sarcasm long, long ago."

Earth to multi-cultural, tradition-hating, London-dwelling Cooke - this is how many British women choose spend their Christmases - and I for one know plenty who do enjoy it. 

Having said that, I know plenty of men who enjoy the same also, but you don't see me whining about the fact that Asda and Morrisons have decided not to represent my apron-clad side in their Christmas adverts, do you?

In reality, if Asda and Morrisons had indeed opted to feature men prominently in the kitchen, we would have likely seen an article by Cooke that read, "How dare they?! As if men know anything about how to make Christmas dinner! SEXISM!" 

But I suppose we'll have to wait until next year for that one. Or was that last year? I've lost track.

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