Matt Damon in car crash 'actorvist' interview

A word of advice for Matt Damon: If you don't think you're paying enough tax, get your cheque book out

by The Humph on 17 December 2012 13:00

There have been some particularly dreadful forms of torture throughout the history of mankind. To my knowledge, scaphism (warning: for strong stomachs only) is up there with the worst. But so too is having to endure celebrity 'actorvism'  - mainly because it can lead to other forms of self-inflicted torture, such as the gouging of one's own eyes.

So I should really apologise for bringing this Matt Damon car crash-interview to your attention; call me a sadist, I felt the need to share.

H/T The Blaze

Sure, the endless, uncomfortable repetition of "you know" is worth a giggle. But what really wound me up was Damon's blasé insistence that, being part of the "one percent", he really ought to be paying more tax. 

Get off the cross, Matt; if you want to pay more, start writing a cheque. Just spare us the disingenuous martyr routine. 

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