Why is the Left so full of hate towards Sarah Palin?

In the Sarah Palin email publications, the Guardian was desperate to find a deranged and bigoted political-psychological make-up. They did; their own.

Palin Derangement Syndrome dominates the left
John Phelan
On 15 June 2011 10:09

Sarah Palin eats babies. Sarah Palin slow-roasts poor people. Sarah Palin pretended that her daughter’s child was hers.

OK, only one of the above is common currency but the fact that it is no weirder than the two which aren’t true but are still believed by many on the left shows just what a pitch of hysteria Sarah Palin incites in her opponents: Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) as Charles Krauthammer might have diagnosed it.

There was a fresh outbreak of PDS recently after a two year campaign finally brought the release of 24,000 pages of emails sent by Palin while Governor of Alaska. Journalists from all over the world descended on Juneau (the state capital) eager to find the proof they were sure existed that Palin was… well, they didn’t seem too sure of that. But they were sure they would find something.

And... they didn’t. The Guardian spent money it could ill afford sending two correspondents to Alsaka and was reduced to asking its readers to trawl through the emails and let them know if they found anything interesting. It also felt compelled to run a pitiful piece by Patricia Williams of Columbia University who claimed the emails revealed Palin’s “banality, hypocrisy, provincialism and smugness”.

Yes, you read that right, an op-ed writer for the Guardian accusing somebody else of smugness.  

The evidence for Williams’ charges was slender to say the least. “Palin’s emails show a politician who didn’t have time to follow the news,” Williams thundered pathetically, ignoring the obvious retort that that’s because Palin was busy running the state of Alaska, exactly the job Alaskans elected her to do.

Williams charged that Palin “relied on others to write her speeches”. Well, so does every other politician on the planet with the exception of Hugo Chavez, and anyone who’s sat through upwards of five hours of ‘Aló Presidente’ can tell you what a mistake that is.

Williams takes Palin to task for asking “God for advice about affairs of state”. Palin can’t be getting worse advice from the man upstairs than Barack Obama is from David Plouffe who recently went on Fox News to say “the American people want compromise. There’s a slim majority that does not.”

And it seems that Williams is more opposed to some kinds of pie in the sky than others being, as she is, a proponent of something called “Critical race theory”.

Williams also claimed Palin was “often dead wrong about the facts”. She claimed that “Only two weeks ago (Palin) placed Concord and Lexington in the state of New Hampshire rather than Massachusetts”. Silly old Sarah. Except she didn’t say that; fellow female Republican Michele Bachmann did. Patricia Williams is “dead wrong about the facts”.

For all the utter certainty on the left that the emails would provide proof of some evildoing, none was forthcoming. Indeed, the emails were actually rather poignant, coming from a time when Sarah Palin was a young state governor who was praised in Newsweek in October 2007 for “challenging the dominant, sometimes corrupting, role of oil companies in the state’s political culture” and for the “pragmatic, post-partisan approach to solving problems” which had earned “high marks from lawmakers on the other side of the aisle”.

These emails with all their provincial dullness are from a Sarah Palin who was an effective governor of her state well before the glare of international publicity and the full fury of the enraged, deranged left was turned on her.

Where did the fury directed at this “pragmatic, post-partisan” politician come from?

To the left, it is such an article of faith that they are on the side of women and ethnic minorities that when a member of one of these groups pops up on the right smoke starts to pour from their ears, their eyes begin swiveling, and like some computer asked to define "love" in an old episode of “Star Trek”, they are left sputtering that it “does not compute”.

The left’s much vaunted (by them at any rate) moral compass goes haywire. That is why left wingers got so obsessed about the birth of Palin’s son, Trig. If it had been any other woman in America her reproductive privacy would have been loudly defended but, because it was Palin, that went out the window and left wingers demanded the right to go crawling through her gynaecological past.

It was that kind of hate driven hypocrisy which led the same people who had pushed for Clarence Thomas to be removed from the Supreme Court over allegations of sexual harassment to staunchly defend the right of Bill Clinton to remain President in the face of far more serious allegations.

The total failure of the Sarah Palin emails to include anything that offends even people desperate to be offended should wake her opponents up to the fact that she isn’t the anti Christ, she is simply an opponent to be opposed rather than reviled.

But the hatred of Palin isn’t political, it’s personal. It is her identity as woman who refuses to act in the way the left’s worldview dictates she should act that drives it. And as long as the left continues to cling to crude and debasing identity politics, and as long as Sarah Palin continues to be a woman, we will continue to see flare-ups of PDS. 

John Phelan blogs at The Boy Phelan and has also written for ConservativeHome and The Cobden Centre

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