Brits blame Labour and their banks for UK recession

A new poll shows that Brits still blame Labour and Labour-regulated banks for 2008 financial crisis

by The Commentator on 20 December 2012 10:15


new poll released by Survation today shows that the British public still blames the banks and the last Labour government for the 2008 financial crisis.

Though many Labour politicians, activists and lobby groups have worked over the past few years to change the public perception of the 2008 recession, the British public is still of the view that the last Labour government (29%) and the banks Labour was supposed to regulate (62%), are to blame.

This message bursts the 'crisis of capitalism' narrative that has pervaded through left-wing groups over the past years, as banking regulations steeply increased under Labour, as the system shifted away from market forces and  competition to a more corporatist, state-regulated industry.

Few have sought to blame previous Conservative governments, with just 9% stating that the Tories were responsible. This is despite attempts to try and place the blame on 1980's and 90's Tory governments as having paved the way for the crisis through marketisation and an increased focus on Britain's service sector - primarily in banking.

The survey was conducted via online panel and sampled 1003 adults aged 18+ from England, Scotland and Wales.

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