Merry Christmas 2012, from The Commentator

The Commentator wishes you a very Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas to all
The Commentator
On 25 December 2012 12:00

You don't really have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas, though it does help!

For us, the dedication to goodwill and truth are important parts of this time of the year, perhaps even more so than the presents and the alcohol!

In all seriousness, with all that has happened over the course of this year around the world, some would argue that it is quite difficult to be optimistic. 

But the truth is that with time to pause for reflection, and time to think about what has actually been achieved, and how much more there is to come over the next 12 months and beyond - it remains our duty to convey a sense of optimism to our readers around the world.

People often ask us, "What drives The Commentator?"

Apart from a dedication to reason and truth, and to creating a platform for sound news, blogs and opinion, we are driven by our commitments to three major 'civilisational' issues: 

1) The free-market: When it comes to economics, the press and speech in general, the best way is the classical liberal way. We have shown this year how lower taxation leads to greater government revenues and inward investments. We have also had to recently show how the Second Amendment in the United States is responsible for assisting in the decrease of crime, rather than creating more. And on the issue of freedom of speech, The Commentator has been a firm critic, from the outset, of the authoritarian and wasteful Leveson Inquiry. The public is the greatest check on the system that we have - government or 'self' regulation is simply another form of bureaucracy that will harm free speech in the UK.

2) Britain in the world and the trans-Atlantic relationship: We truly believe that the world is a better place when the United States and the United Kingdom, led by fearless and principled leaders, work together. In 2012, we have been fierce and vocal critics of the governments in both the US and UK, and this will unlikely change in 2013, unless major changes are made. But the point remains that Britain and America should not shirk in asserting their credentials as free, democratic and morally principled nations. And that these values should be spread worldwide. Of course, this is not to assert that either country is flawless.

The Iraq war, and how we now look back on it, presents us with multiple paradoxes. While it was right to remove a brutal dictator, the Labour government's policy of playing fast and loose with the issue of weapons of mass destruction remains deeply troubling. The follow through in terms of building a stable and democratic society in Iraq was obviously not handled well, at least at first (though it was hardly America or Britain's fault that terrorists wreaked havoc and bloodshed on tens of thousands of innocents). We should be capable of reflecting calmly on such issues, and learn from them.

Though it is up to Libyans to now build there own democracy, we perhaps showed in that operation that we could be successful when our aims were more limited and our justifications more honest. The right course of action over Syria, of course, continues to elude us.

3) Our commitment to the existence of Israel and exposing the truth in the Middle East conflict: For too long, there has been a tendency towards moral relativism, and this leads to the demonisation of Israel in the world. This cannot continue. While Israel is not flawless (like every other country), the blame attributed to it far outbalances the realistic expectations and hopes that we should place on the only Jewish state; a state which is surrounded by dictatorships, Islamists, fundamentalist theocracies and human rights abusers. Much as you don't need to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas, you needn't be a Jew to defend Israel -- and no one who runs The Commentator is.

So today, on Christmas day, we hope that you will consider supporting our work and reflect with us on the year ahead. This year, The Commentator achieved outstanding year-on-year and month-on-month growth in traffic, and we continue to attract high profile writers, breaking news stories, unique and informative (as well as humorous) blogposts and some of the highest quality analysis out there.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are.

Happy Christmas


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