Hypocrite Piers Morgan, "the moment [debate] becomes rude... you never achieve anything"

Piers Morgan has been caught in another hypocritical conundrum as he suggests an 'amendment to the Bible'

by Media Hawk on 27 December 2012 00:49

In another divisive appearance on his faltering television programme, Piers Morgan suggested that much like the US constitution - the Bible needs 'an amendment'. 

Ok - pretty inflammatory towards Christians (we await Piers to address the Koran in such a manner) - but this is not what struck us most about his latest inglorious appearance.

In fact it is right at the end of the clip below that Piers hypocritcally states, "The debate should always be respectful... by the way it applies to politics too. The moment it becomes disrespectful and discourteous and then rude, and then poisonous... you never achieve anything."

This may have been a dig at those who started the petition to get him out of the country, but in reality it was a dig at himself. Remember when he had the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America on his show last week? Look who made the debate 'disrespectful, discourteous, rude and poisonous' first...

Oh Piers... what an objectionable hypocrite you are. 

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