2012's Top Ten on The Commentator

This year's top ten articles on The Commentator include topics such as atheism in Pakistan, the Leveson Inquiry, the BBC and Israel in the media

This year's top ten best articles
The Commentator
On 31 December 2012 14:20

Well, it’s been another bumper year of growth for The Commentator and we couldn’t have done it without you. It means so much to us that so many of you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, bookmark the site and hit the social media buttons on our articles to share them with your friends. We’re so very grateful that many of you choose to donate to us too (we need it!).

So in 2012, we had a tonne of fantastic articles by our excellent writers – here are the top ten from this year:

10: The Guardian scrubs reference to 'Jewish political establishment' with no explanation by Raheem Kassam and Harry Cole

9: BBC pictures reveal more about their attitudes to the Middle East Conflict than they might wish by Raheem Kassam for The Commentator

8: The rise of atheism in Pakistan by Ghaffar Hussain

7: Why there are no bomb shelters in Gaza by Nick Gray

6: According to the BBC, Israel has no capital city by Raheem Kassam for The Commentator

5: Why do smart people still choose Keynes over Hayek? by John Phelan

4: Is the Guardian the most bigoted newspaper in Britain? by Robin Shepherd

3: Morgan, Mensch, The Daily Mirror and Me - Proof We Don’t Need More Press Laws by Paul Staines

2: A storm of massive proportions is brewing in the MidEast by Douglas Davis

1: Sweden tells Greece to quit Eurozone by Robin Shepherd for The Commentator

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