Gettin' Maddow about a congressional pay raise

MSNBC's shrill Obama cheerleader sees her fans take to the sloppy kind of journalism she practices every day. Go figure...

by Phoenix on 31 December 2012 14:56

Rachel Maddow is Barack Obama's cheerleader-in-chief in the media. 

She's shrill, she hates the facts and she's anything but objective. 

So it's no wonder to see her fans lambasting Congress for getting a pay rise while America tumbles over the 'fiscal cliff'. But they seem to have forgotten one important point.

The pay rise had to be signed into effect by Maddow's boss lover god idol, President Obama.

But does it mention this anywhere on the Facebook page where her fans attack legislators for their extra $900 a year?

No. Of course she doesn't. That'd be responsible journalism. And we know Maddow and her fans don't get down like that.

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