Bring back Maggie Thatcher: The Falkland Islands are British

The Argentinian president has insulted David Cameron and Britain too. She needs a good hand-bagging. Where’s Maggie when we need her?

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
The Commentator
On 17 June 2011 08:31

Later this year, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will likely win another term as the President of Argentina.

While her poll figures are declining, the situation remains such that her closest opponent trails behind her own 34 percent polling figures on around 15 percent.

With the capricious nature of Argentine politics however, and with candidates set to declare by June 25, it's very much all to play for.

So when an incumbent is battling a decline in approval ratingsinflationary worries, an emerging corruption scandal and a restless party behind her, where should they turn? Las Malvinas The Falklands, of course!

Recently, the Argentine President has made a number of posturing remarks over the British territories in the South Atlantic as well as trotting out the first British Falkland Islander who has chosen to become Argentinian.

Fancy that. But we’re afraid this is all rather insubstantial. And President Kirchner will know this too. It's jingoism at best.

Member of the UK Parliament Andrew Rosindell asked the Prime Minister during the weekly question time session on Wednesday whether he would like to remind President Obama that the British would agree to no negotiations over the Islands.

Cameron, rattled from his encounter with Labour leader Ed Miliband just moments earlier, gave a rather diplomatic answer: "I would say this: as long as the Falkland Islands want to be sovereign British territory, they should remain sovereign British territory – full stop, end of story."

President Kirchner will go on trying to score points off the issue nonetheless. She challenged Cameron yesterday and said his comments were an "expression of mediocrity and almost of stupidity".

She went on to clarify that Britain "continues to be a crude colonial power in decline". 

Yes Mrs. Kirchner, you continue to use the Falklands as a political tool, and we're classed as the crude ones.

In any case, she’s got a brazen cheek. Her country launched a criminal invasion less than three decades ago, for which she should be down on her knees apologising.

If Cameron was guilty of anything, it was that his remarks came across as something of a damp squib. Now that he’s been personally insulted, there are many members of the British parliament, especially in his own party we understand, that want him to tell Mrs. Kirchner where to get off.

We very much concur. And if the prime minister is having any doubts about what to say, there is one rather formidable predecessor of his that we can recommend he should go to for advice. Time for a photo-op with Maggie? That’d get the message across nicely…

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