Disability campaigner wants government to fund his sex life

Chris Fulton wants the government to pay for him to have sex with prostitutes, like a scheme that runs in Holland

by Sue Denim on 2 January 2013 15:50

Not quite in the same way Sandra Fluke did, mind you, but Chris Fulton of Worcester wants the British government to adopt a grant scheme which would entitle disabled people to visit prostitutes.

The Worcester News reports that a similar scheme is already in operation in Holland, where disabled people are entitled to have sexual relations funded by the government up to 12 times a year.

Mr Fulton has cerebral palsy and motor neurone disease, and has argued that the scheme would create greater freedom for disabled people and help to break down barriers.

He said: “The idea is to give disabled people more of a choice. There’s still a lot of stigma attached [to disabled people having relationships] from research I’ve done and experiences I’ve had."

Neil Coyle, director of policy and campaigns at Disability Rights UK said the issue was not something that had been raised as a priority by those his organisation represents.

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