Now The Guardian wants to know about your dead grandmother's will

Guardian tech editor Charles Arthur probes one young entrepreneur about how he got the money from his grandmother's will so quickly

by Media Hawk on 4 January 2013 09:50

The Kernel's long-standing beef with Guardian tech editor Charles Arthur is well documented (mostly by The Kernel). But The Graun's techie-in-chief stooped to a new low recently, badgering The Kernel's founder and Editor-in-Chief about the intricacies of his deceased grandmother's will.

On 3 Jan 2013, at 17:25, Charles Arthur wrote:

You claimed on Twitter that some funding [for The Kernel] came from a legacy in your grandmother’s will. I understand that she died in March 2012. Are you saying that the probate was completed and a payment made by September? My experience of probate suggests that six months is an impossibly brief period for processing.

Are there no depths that Guardian editors won't sink to in order to smear their opponents?

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