Extremist targets students with 'discount retreat'

An extremist preacher is offering half-price tickets to Muslim students across the United Kingdom to a 'retreat' at which he is due to lecture

by The Commentator on 4 January 2013 10:45


An extremist preacher who runs a Sharia divorce court in London and  supports the death penalty for apostates continues to be promoted to university students in Britain, with discount ticket prices offered to members of university Islamic societies.

Haitham Al-Haddad, in a recent interview in Norway, stated that “I agree with you that for a non-Muslim who doesn’t understand how the penal code or capital punishment against apostates can be applied, or can make sense from your angle but from my angle it does make perfect sense”. Haddad is regularly promoted to students via his retreat company Sabeel.

His intolerant views also include support for the stoning of adulterers, though he clarified that he does not believe that this should apply in European countries. In July 2012 he wrote in his online magazine ‘Islam21C’ that society should stand up to “the scourge of homosexuality” as it was a “criminal act” that must be opposed.

As well as this, he has been filmed defending the Islamist terrorist group Hamas, and has claimed that they are opposed in the West because “there is a high level of enmity and hatred against Hamas as a Muslim group”.

Counter-extremism group Student Rights found that Sabeel has been specifically targeting students via Facebook, offering them discounts to attend a retreat entitled ‘Delving into the Divine’ and stating that Haddad had requested that all Islamic society leaders at universities should attend the event.

Sabeel also stressed to readers earlier in the month that “Shaykh Haitham said that out of the 9 Retreats of the 3 year Sabeel Retreats Programme. The most important retreat is this one”, again utilising Haddad’s 'credentials' to promote sales.

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