UK government ignores Middle East conflict in Mid Term Review

The coalition's Mid Term Review is sparse on detail when it comes to the Middle East conflict

by The Commentator on 7 January 2013 15:33


Britain's coalition government today published its Mid Term Review - a 52 page document outlining what has been achieved since the coalition government was created in 2010, and setting out its goal for the next two and a half years.

Under the section labelled, "Foreign Affairs" however, it appears that the coalition government has completely forgotten about one of the most important and long lasting conflicts in the world today: the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

While page 43 of the review makes short mention of the Middle East peace process, there is little detail about the coalition's commitment to the Oslo Accords, a peaceful negotiation towards a two-state solution, or the idea of working against terrorist entities like Hamas, Islamic Jihad or indeed Hezbollah.

Britain's recent abstention from the Palestinian statehood bid has sent the wrong message with regard to the peace process, to insist that the Palestinian representatives approach the process with negotiation in mind, rather than with the idea of unilateral measures.

The document makes no mention of Israel, though the country is an ally of Britain. It simply states, "We have worked with our international partners to support the Middle East peace process and upgraded the status of the Palestinian Mission in the UK."

Further to this, the document shows little interest in the continuing debate over Hezbollah, a terrorist entity that the UK and Europe have so far failed to wholly recognise as such. 

A statement from the Henry Jackson Society think-tank today asserted that the coalition should use the next 2+ years to ensure Hezbollah is fully proscribed, and encourage its European partners, specifically the European Union, to do the same.

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