Video: Someone actually gets Piers Morgan to shut up

Alex Jones goes all shouty-man at a very disturbed Piers Morgan. You can't afford to not watch this...

by Media Hawk on 8 January 2013 09:56

What a difficult scenario we find ourselves in. On the one hand, we have the odious and oleaginous Piers Morgan, on the other, the incessantly shouty, conspiratorial and eminently fruit-loopy Alex Jones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

When Piers Morgan went tete-a-tete last night on his CNN chat show with ‘the man who wants him deported’, the results were, well, what’s a less clichéd term for ‘car crash TV’?

Jones, as I predicted, dived right into a rant, allowing the hilarious yet still frustrating sight of having Piers squirming trying to fit a word in edgeways. But it soon became apparent that with Jones, America is dealing with a man just as offputing and opportunistic as Morgan.

Jones did actually make a few good points before digressing into 9/11 conspiracy theories, shouting about ‘false flags’ and bizarrely, for the last part of the show, imitating Piers’s British accent while calling him a ‘redcoat’.

Nonetheless, our favourite moment came in the first part of the interview, when Jones unleashed a flurry of questions at Morgan, including, “Why don’t you go and face the charges for the hacking scandal? Why'd you get fired from the Daily Mirror for putting out fake stories?"


We are aware of a technical issue at CNN on the below video. This link should work

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