Venezuelan blogger targeted in anti-Chavez crackdown

A Venezuelan blogger's house has been raided following tweets which the Chavez regime class as 'online terrorism'

by The Commentator on 8 January 2013 10:52


Last year The Commentator brought you the exclusive story of Federico Medina Ravell, a man who was fired from Mercedez Benz in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.

At the time we reported that Federico was fired due to his political activism, which happened to take an anti-regime stance. It is thought that the regime leaned heavily on Mercedez Benz to make sure Federico was sacked. 

Last night, Federico's house was raided by Venezuelan secret police.

Around nine officials of the National Intelligence Service (Sebin) raided the house in El Trigal, in Valencia, Carabobo state, owned by Federico Ravell Medina, who allegedly is the owner of the @lucioquincioc Twitter account from which reports have been issued on the health of Hugo Chavez. This, say the Venezuelan authorities, is tantamount to 'terrorism'.

The search warrant was issued by the Control Eleven Court by Judge Emily Moreno.

According to the article published by News 24, it was reported that officials were ordered to establish the origin of the messages sent on the president's health from that Twitter account.

The intelligence services took possession of two CPUs and apparently created a record of the proceedings.

It has also been reported that Federico's wife and their two sons, Frederick and Maribel Medina, were in the house, though Federico was not present. The family have previously stated that they have had no recent contact with Federico.

The family has been subjected to 'rigorous interrogation' and were accompanied by six neighbors who acted as witnesses to the procedure.

The Twitter account remains active and is actually more likely to be a collaboration between dozens of bloggers, mostly based overseas. Twitter users have mocked Sebin, the intelligence service responsible for the raid, by claiming to have spotted @LucioQuincioC in the peaks of the Andes and drinking cocoa in Calgary.

The only picture of the raid so far:

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