UKIP sacks youth chairman; says European election as 'sideshow' comment "may be realistic"

UKIP has removed Olly Neville as Young Independence Chairman

by Media Hawk on 8 January 2013 22:36

UKIP has announced that the acting chairman of its youth wing, Young Independence, is to be relieved of his role due to an incident in which he publicly misrepresented the party.

Olly Neville, who has been acting Young Independence chairman for a number of months, received confirmation of his removal from the position this evening via an e-mail from the UKIP party chairman Steve Crowther.

Crowther wrote to Neville:

Many are already arguing that this however is another rite of passage for UKIP as a political party, though it will perhaps be somewhat embarrassing for the party that the YI chairman and indeed the party chairman have both referred to next year's European election as a 'sideshow' (the latter's by admission that the former's position "may be realisitic")

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