Clegg and the Germans pile in with more EU alarmism on UK independence

The arguments being put forward against Britain repatriating powers from the EU are so bad it should be embarrassing

by Yorker on 11 January 2013 06:59

Fresh from a serving of pro-Brussels tripe from the Obama administration, Deputy PM and LibDem leader Nick Clegg has now piled in with some stomach turning rubbish of his own. To make matters worse, he's been joined in his ruminations by a delegation from Germany.

Clegg has been quoted as saying that leaving the EU would cost jobs and even put people's personal security at risk. The first is the standard alarmist nonsense: why would the UK stop doing business with Europe just because it wasn't in the EU?

America does business with the EU. Switzerland and Norway do business with the EU. Russia does business with the EU. The whole world does business with the EU. That doesn't mean you have to be a member of it.

Clegg's second note of caution is just as bizarre.

"Speak to any police officer," he said, "they will tell you there is no way you can keep people safe from cross-border crime, money laundering, child trafficking, unless you work together with other people."

But why would Britain stop cooperating and working with other countries' law enforcement agencies just because it wasn't in the EU? 

The quality of the argumentation is so poor that it actually looks desperate.

Now, bring on the Germans with a cross-party delegation from the Bundestag's EU Affairs committee. They came to warn us of the dangers to our power, wealth and prestige of leaving the EU or even seeking looser ties. Their arguments? They don't have any of course, but they do need to put on some sort of show as a pretence that they have at least something to persuade us with.

This one's an absolute corker:

"By the end of the 21st Century, Europe will account for only four percent of the global population," said senior delegation member and spokesman, Gunther Krichbaum. "We have to stand together," he added.

But if Europe will account for only four percent of the global population by the end of the century, doesn't that prove how irrelevant it's going to be, and isn't it an argument for devoting our energies to the 96 percent of the planet that won't be living in Europe?

Again, the level of argumentation is just abysmal.

Still, there is a silver lining to all this. The British people's instincts seem pretty sound on the Europe question these days. All that Clegg and Krichbaum will have done with their painfully weak, ill thought out interventions is convinced yet more Britons that the time for a radical change in the relationship with the EU is long overdue.

Thanks Nick. Thanks Gunther.

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