Did YOU just pay for this party in an Israeli prison?

A video has emerged showing how Palestinian prisoners are treated. Pretty well, it seems... and with your money!

by Media Hawk on 16 January 2013 11:21

The likelihood is that yes, you probably did contribute in some way to what looks like a party more befitting a good old family gathering, rather than a 'celebration' in a prison.

How? Well, in case you missed it from last year, the UK pays quite a large chunk of taxpayers' money into the Palestinian Authority (PA) pot, which in turn helps pay prisoners (yep - pay prisoners).

The video comes on the day that UK Development Minister Alan Duncan said he supported where British aid money is going: "The PA pays an allowance to cover the cost of food and clothing for Palestinian prisoners".

The Times of Israel reports: 

The focus of the video is Samar Abu Kwick, who is serving three life sentences in Eshel Prison for terror attacks against Israelis during the Second Intifada.

In the undated clip, several inmates are seen gathered in a cell around tables laid out with drinks and snacks, reportedly to celebrate Kwick’s engagement. As music blares in the background, the inmates greet Kwick with hugs and kisses before settling down to enjoy the feast.

Kwick was convicted of murdering Sarah Lisha and te two IDF soldiers, Elad Valenstein and Amit Zana,+ in a 2000 terror attack at the Halamish junction in the West Bank.

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