Russian State TV claims Obama election not objective

The Russia Election Commission will soon publish a report into how Obama's election 'failed to meet democratic standards'

by Phoenix on 17 January 2013 11:16

In what can only be described as throwing stones in a glass Kremlin, the Russian-state funded television channel has run a story claiming that Barack Obama's re-election 'failed to meet democratic standards'. reports: The Russian election watchdog completed a report based on a distant monitoring of the American poll by several Russian NGOs. The document will be officially presented on the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration scheduled for January 21.

The Central Election Commission of Russia (CEC), which is chaired by the Putin stooge and subject of ridicule, Vladimir Churov, stated that it will officially present a report on the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 21st.

But the recent Russian elections are nothing to aim for, if independent, non-state backed observers are to be believed. Forbes noted numerous incidences of voter fraud in Russia in 2011, stating that, "ballot box stuffing, vote by absentee ballots, pressure on voters, and so on and so forth distorted information from the polling station allocated among other violations so that it is easy to prove." [Translated from Russian].

Videos from polling stations in Russia show how ink used to cast votes as 'erasable' and the New York Times and The Guardian both detailed how the Russian elections were far from clean.

So another sign of how desperate Putin is getting, that he thinks undermining the free election of the US President is going to legitimise his own incumbency? Or perhaps a worrying indication of how immoral, illegitimate leaders are now afforded the same moral high ground as those in freer Western democracies.

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