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"Muslim Patrols" - How we led the news cycle

Breaking news is hard for a small outlet like ours. But you can help, and the mainstream media should really link back, no?

by The Commentator on 20 January 2013 14:18

On Wednesday the 16th of January, The Commentator broke the story in the media of how hooded thugs in East London were videoing themselves bullying local residents, enforcing their own law in what they believe is a "Muslim area".

Since then the story has taken off globally, receiving attention from some of the most powerful news outlets - most of which didn't bother to credit The Commentator with the scoop. Surprise, surprise.

So what did we start? And how has this helped the situation in East London?

Well, the explosion of coverage that you can see below, has not just led to condemnation from non-Muslims, but also from institutions such as the East London Mosque and many other Muslim groups. This is the kind of response we had hoped for, piling pressure on those involved to cut it out.

But that's not enough. And nor was it the end. The police are also now investigating and on the lookout for these "Muslim Patrols" and local residents will now feel like someone is on their side. So a win-win as far as we see it. Although it would have been nice to be credited by the news outlets that picked it up. Can't win 'em all though, eh?



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