"Muslim Patrols" harass man as "dirty, bloody fag"

A new "Muslim Patrol" video has been uncovered, showing the group harassing what they believe to be a homosexual man in a "Muslim area" of London

by The Commentator on 21 January 2013 16:04


Following our exclusive on the 'Muslim Patrol' group that videoed themselves harassing women and alcohol-drinkers in East London, a new video has been unearthed, showing the group harassing what they believe to be a homosexual man.

The video, which begins with a logo that says "Islam will dominate the world" followed by a homophobic graphic, shows unnamed members of the "Muslim Patrol" group shouting at a man.

One member of the group is heard to shout, "Hello mate, don't you know this is a Muslim area?... Why you dressed like that for? [sic]" while another member of the group shouts, "Homosexual! Homosexual!"

When the man asks, "Why are you bothering me?" The "Muslim Patrol" members respond: "Because you're walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag. You need to get out of here."

The man, who looks disturbed by the run-in, states, "I am getting out of here," only for a volley of abuse to be fired in his direction, such as: 

"Get out of here quicker then. You're dirty, mate." At which point the "Muslim Patrol" member intimidates the man into humiliatingly admitting, "I am dirty".

He is then shouted at, "You're gay mate, get out of here you bloody fag. Don't stay around here anymore."

This video is yet another in the long line of evidence uncovered showing that intolerant, threatening thugs are 'patrolling' areas of East London, claiming that the neighborhood is a "Muslim area".


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