Obama tried to meddle in Israeli elections, says senior source

Reports claim that Obama has attempted to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli elections, showing his hostility, as well as his ignorance of Israeli politics

by The Commentator on 22 January 2013 17:38


Dan Senor, a former foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign today said that during a recent trip to Israel, two US officials admitted that recent comments by US President Barack Obama were intended to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu’s election bid.

Senor, who is the co-founder of the Foreign Policy Initiative, tweeted that the officials said the move had probably backfired, in what is a shocking revelation that will no doubt rock the already faltering Obama-Netanyahu relationship.

The statements confirm last week's report by journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, who reported that Barack Obama had said privately, “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”

The Algemeiner reports that the story was neither confirmed nor denied by the Obama Administration, but in Israel it received push back.

Likud officials are said to have accused Obama of “gross interference” in the Israeli election and said that the president was “taking revenge” against Netanyahu for his perceived intervention in the November US election on behalf of unsuccessful Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

The comments elicited a response from Netanyahu, who told Israel Hayom: “I think that President Obama knows that only the citizens of Israel will determine what Israel’s vital interests are, and they will be the ones who decide who is best suited to protect these interests in the best possible way.

Today's election results may confirm US officials’ beliefs that Obama’s strategy backfired.

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