Get Britain Out's response to David Cameron

Get Britain Out unswervingly calls for an In/Out EU Referendum now, to leave us free to govern our own country without EU interference

by Tim Aker on 23 January 2013 15:52

As anticipated, David Cameron has let the British people down by avoiding the best option for our country. All the polls indicate a majority of the Great British Public want an EU Referendum. The people of our country, however, must be given an In/Out referendum before the next General Election.  

Sadly the Prime Minister is showing he is motivated only by power and politics rather than the welfare of the British people. His actions speak louder than words. The cast iron guarantee on a Lisbon Treaty referendum proved rusty. He ordered a 3 line whip against an EU vote earlier in this parliament. He could easily order a 3 line whip for an EU referendum before the election.

Like Tony Blair on Iraq, David Cameron has trust issues on the EU. Cameron’s option to wait after the next election, to offer a weak tinkering of our EU membership is unacceptable.  

Britain will be weaker, uncompetitive and less cohesive as a result.

We face another unsustainable wave of new immigration from Bulgaria and Romania, with a minimum of quarter of a million newcomers expected from 2014. Most will be eligible for jobs, benefits and housing within months of arrival. The effect on unemployment, with few British jobs available, and the current lack of housing will be catastrophic. Yet the government is powerless to do anything about it while we remain inside the EU.

This month the Eurozone announced record unemployment rates, with the contagion threatening to hinder any British recovery. The longer our whole economy is tied to the EU’s regulatory machine, the slower our growth and exit from economic malaise.

Years of renegotiation will solve little and cost British taxpayers over £80 billion in membership contributions between now and 2017. In any case, it will not work because other EU member states have already informed the Prime Minister they will not accept his proposals. Our government will squander even more British taxpayers’ money trying to turn the EU into something it is not.

The EU is only going one way. The current solutions to the economic crisis in the European Parliament and Commission will involve even more integration. Banking and Fiscal Union will be complete by 2017. Article 16 of the Fiscal Compact incorporates Fiscal Union into EU law by 2017 at the latest.  

We have no choice. We are bound by EU laws, rules, regulations and Directives while we remain inside. There is nothing to stop a future government taking Britain into Fiscal Union.

EU Treaties were not set up to allow for renegotiation. There is no option for a ‘pick and mix’ EU. They do, however, allow for withdrawal which would give us the ability to negotiate our own free trade agreements.

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty provides for a two-year withdrawal process; Articles 3 and 8 compel the EU to engage in free and fair trade with its neighbours. The EU is constantly engaged in free trade negotiations with non-EU states, so there is no reason why we cannot set up our own deals after we leave.

The UK could swiftly repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and leave the EU, however, there is more evidence within the EU’s own treaties which would make it more worthwhile for us to negotiate British ‘withdrawal’ than renegotiate ‘different terms of membership’.

Get Britain Out unswervingly calls for an In/Out EU Referendum now, to leave us free to govern our own country without EU interference, and arrange our own simple trading relationships as we thought we had when we joined the ‘Common Market’ in 1972. Please share our response to David Cameron’s speech with any and all who will be interested.

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