You're welcome, Mali

Critics of the intervention in Mali have argued that the French and the British should stop the 'colonialist' incursion. Mali thinks otherwise

by Media Hawk on 24 January 2013 17:44

Critics are quick to reach into their bag of old tricks when Western nations intervene in far off (or not so far off) lands. Especially, as Owen Jones recently put it, in 'Muslim lands'.

But the Mali government funnily enough dont feel the same way. For them, it's not a incursion onto their sovereign territory - it's much-needed international assistance in fighting off terrorism. And now we know that as much as it is much needed, it is also much appreciated (and not much of a muchness, either!)

At the African Union summit today, the British Minister for Africa, Mark Simmonds spoke to the Malian Foreign Minister, Tieman Hubert Coulibaly.

Speaking after meeting, Mr Simmonds, said:

"The Malian Foreign Minister and I discussed the importance of ensuring that Malian troops were fully trained, including training on human rights issues.

He stressed the need for an inclusive political settlement that would allow all Malians a voice.

The Foreign Minister thanked the international community for our support to the Malian people and reiterated that continued military, political and humanitarian assistance was essential."

You're welcome, Mali. You're very, very welcome.

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