George Galloway: There's an app for t*at

Who knew George Galloway was so incredibly cool and important that he needs his own dedicated iPhone app?

by Media Hawk on 29 January 2013 12:45

I don't know how this one passed us by, I really don't. And I'm so sorry, because you've had to wait almost a year to have a good giggle about this one.

Member of Parliament George Galloway (this guy) actually has his own iPhone app. Actually, I'm told you can get it on other platforms too, but being an Apple geek, I can only refer you to the link on the Apple Store.

Yes, you too can now receive push notifications of all of gorgeous George's rants and self-publicising. Aren't you excited?

But don't expect too much. The app barely seems to function (how appropriate) and constantly crashes.

Oh well. At least we know its not too long until we can get one for Jenny Tonge, Jeremy Corbyn and David Ward. Maybe they can all collaborate?

They could call it... Angry Turds Words? (Editor's Note: Below the belt!)

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