Westminster just became exciting again

Are we about to see the junior coalition partners step into Conservative Campaign Headquarters' cross-hairs?

Pantomime season is back
The Commentator
On 30 January 2013 15:35

Only a fool could honestly argue that the coalition agreement between Britain's two ruling parties was anything more than a begrudging agreement not to knife each other for the next five years.

Indeed, when government ministers and MPs extol the virtues of the coalition, they are being anything but honest. It is, of course, a steaming pile of horse... burger.

Even fewer people of a sane disposition could now argue that the detente between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats has come to an end.

Yesterday's collapse of the government boundary proposals has been reflected upon as childish petulance, as if we were ever to expect anything more of a Liberal Democrat party that seemingly makes a habit of breaking promises, reneging on deals, and offering false apologies.

So the question must be asked: what happens next?

Just as a fool would argue that the coalition is a thing of beauty, only those with more hope than knowledge would at this point predict a collapse of the government. The fact is, for Cameron's Conservatives, it is far more prudent to keep the Lib Dem flak jacket on, rather than to cause discord within its likely short-lived grasp of government. Even if it means fighting the elections on the back foot, without the requisite boundary changes to alleviate some of the electoral burden.

But inside Tory Headquarters lurks  beasts far more interested in politics than government, and far more forward thinking that Cameron. The new Tory Chairman for example, Grant Shapps, will likely be more inclined towards revenge against his government partners, than be simply willing to take it on the chin.

His attack-dog style, combined with the Tories' newly appointed strategic advisor Lynton Crosby's own, is certainly cause for concern within Liberal Democrat circles (circle?).

Expect, for the foreseeable future, a more agile, aggressive and proactive Conservative Campaign HQ, interested far more in undermining their coalition colleagues than hitting back at Labour's increasingly exhausted (and exhausting) rhetoric. Exciting, no?

The Westminster show will invariably go on, and what a great fact for us political nerds, too. From now until 2015, we will be privy to an elaborate and accelerating political pantomime, no doubt culminating in all out war come the General Election.

I guess what we're trying to say is, hold on to your seats (geddit?) - this just got interesting. 

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