Hamas to teach Hebrew in 'enemy language' initiative

Terrorist outfit Hamas intends to teach Palestinian children Hebrew, so that they may 'know their enemy' better

by The Commentator on 31 January 2013 11:18


The terrorist outfit controlling Gaza has announced that it will seek to teach Hebrew to students in a new attempt to help young Palestinians to "know their enemy" in Israel.

Hamas has already flexed it linguistical skills, airing threatening videos and radio messages to Israelis in Hebrew during the war in November 2012. Hamas's Hebrew broadcasts underlined a desire to use Hebrew as a propaganda tool in the conflict, which it claims is important for Gazans to utilise to help them gain a foothold over the Jewish state.

Hamas's Twitter account has also begun reported in Hebrew, reports the Reuters news agency. Soumaya al-Nakhala, a senior Hamas education ministry official, told Reuters that knowing one's enemy is consistent with the teaching:

"Expanding (Hebrew) teaching comes as a result of our plan and meeting greater demand by students to learn Hebrew. They want to learn the language of their enemy so they can avoid their tricks and evil."

Two decades years ago, many Gazans could already speak and understand Hebrew, having worked in the Jewish state or spent time there in prison there for involvement in terrorist attacks.

But since 1994, Gaza has become increasingly isolated from Israel, having gained limited self-rule and being effectively shut off from the outside world by Hamas, the terrorist outfit which effectively rules by dictatorship in the area.

Today it is estimated that only about 50,000 Gazans retain a grasp of Hebrew, though this is set to change when Hebrew classes are extended to higher school grades, beginning next term.

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