Fighting the corporatist wind farms

Corporatism in the green movement is reaching epidemic levels. Read about local residents taking a stand

by The Green Goblin on 1 February 2013 15:06

In rural Britain, the battle against wind farms is becoming a more and more serious issue, with residents winning cases against the hulking monstrosities foist upon them by do-gooder councils that often take their lead from central government bods influenced by the Islington-dwelling 'elite'.

Wow. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound so conspiratorial or suspicious, but really, the British countryside, and the millions who dwell therein, are having a tough time tackling the towers that tip over or indeed break right off.

The status quo ante, vis a vis the affirmed belief in wind farms, is so steadfastly in favour, that residents who live nearby are now having to mount large financial appeals to battle their local councils and the wealthy contractors who want the government contracts so desperately. Corporatism, thy name is 'the green lobby'.

According to one local paper, campaign group named 'Stop West Pinchbeck Wind Farm' is asking residents to contribute around £40 towards the initial £8,000 it needs to fight an initial planning application by developers Wind Ventures Ltd. If the plan for the turbines is turned down and Wind Ventures appeals, it is feared the cost of the group’s battle could top £40,000.

Wind Ventures is a member of the 'Renewables UK' organisation which has over 32 pages of corporate members, effectively creating one of the largest lobby organisations for corporatist interests in the United Kingdom. The battle against these interests will certainly be a struggle for local residents. If you want to help them, you can click here.

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