Sunday Times apologises 'unreservedly' for 'grave' cartoon

Following the outpouring of support for The Commentator's blog about the Sunday Times cartoon last Sunday, the newspaper has apologised in print

by The Commentator on 3 February 2013 11:25

In case you missed it - and we're not sure how you could have - last Sunday we blogged about the Sunday Times (ST) cartoon by Gerald Scarfe. 

It was particularly disgusting, given its arrival on Holocaust Memorial Day, but as the ST itself points out, this is an image that would have been offensive and wrong on any day.

Since we broke the story, the international media subsequently picked it up, and apologies were made by the Sunday Times editor Martin Ivens, as well as News International's bigwig himself, Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

Today, we thought it was only fair that while the Sunday Times carried a disgusting and grotesque cartoon last week (and note, there have been no deaths as a result) they have duly noted their terrible error in judgment, and have apologised in print (below).

From The Sunday Times, 3rd February 2012

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